With a new year, comes a new outlook

Welcome to Eric Harris Photography, LLC! As the new year begins, we are excited to share our life, work, ideas, and inspiration with all of you through a blog. Be kind, this is my first go around at writing a blog so there will be bumps, turns, and winding roads, hopefully leading us to gorgeous locations. Now, where to BEGIN?! A little about myself, I am Monica, wife, mother of 3 amazing kids, and one of two photographers here at Eric Harris Photography, LLC. Eric is my better half, and without his expertise, there would be no Eric Harris Photography, hence the name lol! He has been exploring his creativity through photography and graphic arts for almost two decades now! Not only does Eric excel in photography and media, he is an amazing carpenter which comes in handy for all of our set designs and props.

My path was quite different prior to meeting Eric and having children. I was an elementary school teacher who enjoyed writing papers and worked well under pressure, so this blogging thing should come easily, RIGHT?! A few words to describe myself would be determined, strong-willed, clever, innovative, fun, kind, loving and supportive, maybe a little pushy too, right Eric?! I always enjoyed watching Eric take photographs and knew we would make an amazing duo, heck, we already have this marriage thing down, on most days anyway. So when the pandemic hit and Eric was home ALL DAY with us, it was a natural progression for us to take a leap and put forth the effort to make Eric Harris Photography, LLC what it is today.

Through countless lessons, classes, note taking (Eric will tell you I am old since I prefer taking notes with pen and paper, I'll tell you it is the best way to retain the information) and hands-on experience, I was able to learn the equipment and shine as a second photographer. I haven't gotten the editing down yet, but we'll save that for another day!

We look forward to sharing our journey together and giving you a glimpse into our world.