Client Closet

Did you know we offer a client closet? We have outfits for our littlest clients up to our grown-up clients. I am constantly on the hunt for new maternity items, children's dresses and outfits, as well as, simple options for all. And guess what?! I do not like shopping at all, well at least I didn't, until I became a photographer and now I am always shopping, just ask Eric! haha I just love seeing all of our outfits hanging and I just bought a nice dress holder to put the chosen outfit on display prior to our client's arrival (see always adding to our studio!).

little girl in lacey dress with peach flowers

Upon booking a session with Eric Harris Photography, LLC, we ask our clients to fill out a questionnaire and offer guidance on outfit choices. This helps us design our sets if it's in studio or choose the perfect outdoor location (we have a lot of locations we like to shoot at, keep an eye out for that blog post!). Most of our maternity clients choose to wear one of our dresses, I mean who really wants to buy a fancy maternity gown and then never use it again, right?! We do offer dresses that are not maternity specific and we utilize clips to ensure a nice fit.

Fierce pregnant woman wearing a flowing blue dress

Our client closet ranges from simplistic to give that nice classic look, to more vibrant and flowing to portray your inner goddess. We offer holiday specific outfits and themed outfits for birthday, too. We encourage you to choose and wear what makes you feel comfortable! We want you to love your images and feel confident while rocking your session no matter what you are wearing. Bare as much or as little as you would like.

silhouette of a pregnant woman wearing a lace dress
little girl in red dress with flower crown